ATypical Dopeness Sampler Vol​.​2 - 12" Vinyl Release!

by Atypical Dope Artists

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    Eqwel: ( EqwelMusic ASCAP)
    Anton Neotnas ( Member of WAXXX)
    Teenage Music (BOLLA Music ASCAP)
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Eqwel: has been embedded into the soil of this planet to rise & grow as a prolific artist.
He stays firmly rooted in the underworld to sew his niche onto the electronic music scene.
His creative mind feels the next evolution in this scene is unpredictability as a producer.
This audio enthusiast has been contained in a capsule of artistry for a long length of time.
So now, its time for him to contribute his definition of creativity to this multi-verse we call electronic music.

Original Track by Eqwel
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Eqwel
All Artwork by Eqwel

EqwelMusic ASCAP
EqwelPublishing ASCAP

Music Video:

Anton Neotnas is underground artist from Chelyabinsk, Russia. He is the member of WAXXX – community of vinyl lovers and event makers. In the past Anton was one of two members of Neotnas project. Nowadays this project is produced by himself only. Since 2010 music of Neotnas became more dance oriented but has not lost the depth. Sometimes Anton still takes a part in experimental projects like music for theatrical performances or film soundtracks. One of them is project ‘Electro-theatre’. It’s cinema performances with mixing the new visions of soundtracks with old silent movies. One part of it you can see here in the film “Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari” (1920):


Special Thanks to Inna BIshki on Chellywood

Last but not least, we present " Teenage Music ", An alias experiment project of what is considered by? To be kid music-meant only as a approach of seeking out then treading on alternate paths of thought, then conveying those thoughts into sound. Together they're created a pulse that consist of deep thoughts and unrestricted storytelling.


released March 30, 2016


All Artwork Imagined & Created by: Akemi Shimada / Eqwel:
Many Thanks to Joaquin Joe Claussell for his support!
Contributions by: Eunji "Kayla" Joo


all rights reserved