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Coming Soon! Available for Pre​​​-​​​Order: Special one of a kind Limited Edition – Lo Fi Residue Cassette Tapes. Features Eleven Raw Residue Tracks that are housed in 150 unique one of a kind paint J cards mini painting inserts​-​splashed painted by Joe Claussell + Download Cards. Cat #REBMUN1

by Joaquin Joe Claussell

  • Residue – Lo Fi Limited Edition Cassette Tapes: Each set includes a unique one of a kind individually painted J cards insert-splashed painted by Joe Claussell. Each cassette has its own unique pattern- considered to be-a personal painted signature by Joaquin.There are Eleven Raw Tracks in all that are exclusive to this project. Also included are download cards giving you access to free jams that were never released digitally. enjoy...
    ships out within 7 days

      $30 USD or more 




My work with Residue speaks to a way of thinking that has developed over time an opposing view towards the status quo, and a herds like mentality. Similar to what occurs when I approach other works, Residue leads to the blueprints on how I should best navigate artistically in an ever changing, chaotic world that dangerously continues heading in the wrong direction. What I can tell from observing these schematics thus far is that the possibilities of creativity are limitless. But only if I stay clear of the germs of compromise and divisive doers. And so I continue on aligning myself with fearless tribes who can't be swayed away from critical thought, all the while providing me with the recipe to continue on producing soulful pieces-ultimately becoming innovative orgasms.
Residue Cassette series: 150 one of a kind Limited Residue Low-Fi Cassette Tapes.
Exhibiting 11 compositions that are unique to these cassette tapes. Each one represents a numbered painted signature Art piece that were paint splattered by Joe Claussell- and motivated by Akemi Shimada. Also included in the package is a download card which gives you free access to previously released gems which up to now have been available only on Vinyl.

Scraps of Art conceived by Akemi Shimada

Remnants of sound rescued by Joaquin Joe Claussell
Thank You for Listening
Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts


Side A

1.Rocka -Dubb
2.Frequency Interference
3.Random Forms Density
4.Dirt Beats
5.Remnants of Discards

Side B

1.Outa Noise
3.Get Up Ha
6.Head Fungus


released April 22, 2022


all rights reserved