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Eqwel Presents: " Musgravite Radiates " - 12" Vinyl Release. SOLD OUT.

by Eqwel



The Full Radiation Short film!


Transmission 1: (Logo Side)

Musgravite Radiates is a story of Celestial being searching for essentials. This life-force labeled Eqwel is directed towards a glimmer of light down a dark path in the jungle. The light from the adjacent streetlamp just happens to glisten off the edge of something that seems to resemble a shiny rock. As it walks closer towards the object it finds a crystal gem that just exudes radiational energy.This type of mineral seemed different then most. Instantly, he realizes that this is no ordinary object! There was this solid realization that it had something special in its palms and no amount of money can substitute it.
This mineral and Eqwel crossed paths to be saved by the financial monsters of this planet. Not having any care of what this jewel is valued at, a decision was made to keep this for the future generations to come. As long as this organic piece of the Earth is part of it's tribe, no human-being will ever be able to devalue it! Eqwel will make sure the future is stable for this new tribal heirloom.

Let the Musgravite radiate and shine for all future generations!

Transmission 1A: (Flipside 1)

Treading tells a 4/4 story of an celestial being that crash lands on the 3rd planet, into a deep salt-water cavernous tunnel. It’s only option is to get to the surface to escape the impending doom that awaits it’s vehicle. Once it reaches the surface of the water, it realizes that there is no dry area for miles! With the vehicle sinking deeper into the abyss and no land to be seen, what else can it do but tread water! How long does it have to tread for?! That is the ultimate question in this scenario, with no definitive answer.

Transmission 1B: (Flipside 2)

Vbits (reprise) is the feeling of a panic-ridden rhythm that overtakes the mind and can’t seem to slow down, the few changes that occur during this short time derives from the modular world.

Till the next transmission….


released November 9, 2016

CAT# Eq.12.1

All Original Tracks by Eqwel
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Eqwel
All Artwork by Eqwel

EqwelMusic ASCAP
EqwelPublishing ASCAP


all rights reserved