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Finally Available now for Pre​-​Order: Sacred Rhythm Music Presents: Reflections By Roi Azulay (Full​-​Length Album) - CD

by Roi Azulay

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All Is Well 03:10
A I R 01:10
F I R E 02:47
Reflections 03:12
E A R T H 01:44
Light Heart 03:35
W A T E R 00:55
Shadow Dance 03:10
Hope 03:11


Welcome to the producer and DJ, Roi Azulay’s latest release -Reflections, his first full-lengt album of 15 original songs. Reflections come along after a string of successful EPs for house music’s premier Sacred Rhythm Music label. Listening, grooving, and dancing to Reflections is like hopping a wafting magic carpet that soars to heady heights while touching down on the firmament of grounded and punchy beats. Born and raised on a farm in Israel just outside Jerusalem, Roi came to music as an adult, and to house while managing a record shop in town. He began to DJ around Jerusalem’s club scene, but, wanting more adventure, moved to New York, in 2006, where he found more action and inspiration spinning in the City’s underground clubs beneath the watchful and encouraging eye of house master producer, Joaquín Joe Claussell. Living and working in the City has enabled Roi to absorb fully and incorporate into his compositions how sound defines a culture of such diversity. Roi talks of Reflections as a first mountain peak climbed after a journey of self-discovery nurtured by the peace and wonder he finds in the natural world. He has unearthed, he says,
“my very own personal soundscape.” The music bears witness to these explorations, vaunting varied influences beyond the deep house, to embrace, among other genres, jazz and world rhythms, including the music of his Middle Eastern heritage. Reflections recall in evocative sounds Roi’s childhood memories of Jerusalem (“Jerusalem Blues”); of finding home and hearth to honor the intimacy of family (“Which Way Home”); of remembrances of his mother and the Maghreb heritage that
influenced his development. In addition, Roi pays homage to the dynamism and force of the elements (“AIR,” “FIRE,” “EARTH,” “WATER”) and enlightenment (“Satori”). The reflections that he honors in the album’s title reveal a spoken-word euphoria that brings us not only to spring in the outdoors but to the light-reflecting sun. Listen and groove to the brightness of Reflections and you’ll experience, as does Roi, that “This feels new, yet I have been here before, arms wide open.”

Walking through the forest of life
Trees swaying
Rustling leaves in the wind
A sentimental scent
Familiar sounds
Intimate rhythm
I’ve been here before, my heart whispers
Let me show you a footprint
A reflection
A new path opens up through wet grounds
Sunlight resting on my face
Eyes closed
Ears open
Heart beats
This feels new
Yet I have been here before
Arms wide open
Ready to shout
Heart leaps up
I give in to my journey
The open sky whispers
Welcome Home

I would like to thank my friends and family who grant me unconditional love and support in my musical journey. To my beloved Michelle & Zohar for their love and eternal togetherness. My fellow musicians who joined me in creating this album. To Joaquin Joe Claussell for his supervision and guidance. Sacred Rhythm Music, Cosmic Arts & Atypical Dopeness Family for their trust and support.

Thank you for listening.

With Love,
Roi Azulay


released March 14, 2023

Written, Arranged and Produced By Roi Azulay for Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts.
Executive Producer: Joaquin Joe Claussell
Mixed at EastSide Sound, NYC
Mastered By Tony Dawsey at Phantom Mastering
Katt Rockell, Lane Shi - Vocals
Floris Borel - Piano
Carlos Cabrera - Keyboard
Nadav Itzhak - Oud
Mr. Fox - Flute
Larry Saltzman - Flute, Hand Percussions
Daniel Sadownick, Pepe Rodríguez - Percussions
Roi Azulay - Field Recordings, Sound Effects

Cover Photo by MEKA
Inner Sleeve Photo by Richard Copier
Graphic Design by Akemi Shimada
Catalog #SRM 10006
Manufactured & Distributed by Atypical Dopeness Distribution
Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts 2023


1. Mother Tongue (6:20)
2. All Is Well (6:42)
3. A I R (1:10)
4. F I R E (2:47)
5. Universal Beings (7:26)
6. Jerusalem Blues (8:02)
7. Reflections (7:00)
8. Light Heart (Live Version) (5:35)
9. Satori (7:41)
10.E A R T H (1:44)
11.Light Heart (8:12)
12.W A T E R (00:56)
13.Which Way Home (7:02)
14.Shadow Dance (3:13)
15.Hope (7:05)


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