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Praise " In Praise of the Sun" Gospel Music According to Joe Claussell Pt 2 CD - SOLD OUT

by Joaquin Joe Claussell

  • Joaquin Joe Claussell presents Praise " In Praise of the Sun" Gospel Music According to Joe Claussell Pt 2 CD
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One day when I was just a little boy, my father gently took me by the arm and brought me to the living room at our home, he sat me on his lap, looked me in the eyes and told me that whenever I needed help with anything, I should look up to the sky directly at the sun and ask it for help. he went on to tell me that besides keeping the planet warm and healthy, the sun holds other special and magical powers, as does all of nature's glory, planetary and solar vibrations surrounding us.

Partly due to technological advancements, we no longer look up at the sky, or even acknowledge each others existence when we’re passing by on the streets. We direct most of our attention to our mobile devices. If you have wondered why we are losing the battle against not so good music, hunger, inequality, government deceit and ridiculous laws against dancing in clubs; then we should look no further than ourselves, because what’s keeping us from the truth is our own day to day focus, which leads to a collective way of being.

We invite you, as well as challenge you: for one night, put away your device, and dance and sing with us. Together we can send positive vibrations back to the Universe.

Let's Dance!


released February 21, 2014

Music Selection by Joaquin Joe Claussell for Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts 2014.