Praise "Raise your Hands & Praise" Gospel Music According to Joe Claussell Pt 3 CD Release - SOLD OUT.

by Joaquin Joe Claussell




Release Date – October 16th 2016

There are powerful vibrations that emanates from the holy houses from where churchgoers sing in praise of their creator. It is a place where forgiveness for sins committed are suppose to be answered generously and where healings are bestowed up those who worship the all mighty.

In regards to my beliefs-during my years of searching for alternative ways of attaining similar godsends, I’ve found and looked to music as my religion and therefore to be healed. So far I’ve discovered that as far as I was concerned, nothing has been more potent than the sanctifications that continue to be bestowed upon me-through the creator than from listening to music. And it’s no coincidence that in my times of need that gospel music has been at the forefront of piloting the journey, all the while, continuing to restore faith within.

For me gospel music is also authentic soul music of the highest order. There’s a vibrational healing going on every time I listen that travels through and touches every part of my body. And as I lift my hands in praise of living, I become more steadfast in my mission to help others, positive, happy, rejuvenated and healed.

This next edition of praise that you hold before you is a testament of those experiences and some. It’s a calling meant to uplift the soul and spirits at a time where joyful noise and sacred vibrations are more than ever desperately needed. It is my hopes that when you listen that It will make you sing, show compassion for others, groove and dance - All of what I believe soul music is supposed to do!

Lift your hands in Praise!

Music Always!

Joaquin Joe Claussell


released October 16, 2015

Music Selection by Joaquin Joe Claussell for Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts 2016.


all rights reserved


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