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Raw Tones (Pandemic Blues) Joaquin Joe Claussell - A very special, extremely limited 150 copies, silk screened record sleeve, multi colored vinyl 10" record. Label: Sacred Rhythm Music - Cat# SRM​.​10​.​3 Release Date April​.​26​.​21 - Price: $25​.​00 Per Copy SOLD OUT​!​!​!

by Joaquin Claussell

  • Raw Tones (Pandemic Blues) Joaquin Joe Claussell

    Sold Out



Amid a three-month mandatory stay at home lock down laws, brought on by the pandemic; I was in desperate need to find other ways to satisfy my cravings for creativity. Luckily, I found tucked away in storage my trusted vintage 4-track cassette porta studio recorder and a 50-count box of blank cassette tapes. Once I dusted off the machine, I immediately began experimenting. Comprised of a microphone, a drum sequencer / midi controller, and later on, the unique visual assistance of artist Akemi Shimada-the Raw Tones Cassette tape concept came into existence. Experiences lived during those dark days past overpoweringly influenced these recordings.

Accommodating the overflow of request of my loyal fans-who don't own a cassette tape machine-has given birth to this extremely limited special silk screened record sleeve, colored vinyl 10 " record.

Designed and Supervised by the uniquely talented Visual Artist Akemi Shimada, each Vinyl Record has its own characteristics in color and pattern scheme. The sleeves are hand screen printed by rising artist Yusuke Ochiai. The compositions will undoubtedly speak for themselves. However, what we will say is that indeed this is a very special project. One that we hope you will enjoy as much we did while in putting it all together.

Be sure to be on the look out for continued dopeness coming soon on Rekids Records

Out of darkness cames the light...

Thank you always for listening.
Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts


released April 26, 2021


all rights reserved