Residue Part One - Eno - 12" Vinyl Release. SOLD OUT.

by Joaquin Joe Claussell

  • 12" Vinyl Record of Eno

    Sold Out



Residue is the first of an ear art series realized by Joaquin Joe Claussell.

The main concept arrived from Joaquin distorting former interpretations from the late Unchained Rhythms series. However it is not confined to just the aforementioned, but instead contemporary out worldly compositions are formed as envisioned during his visit to the other side, including sights that are bestowed upon him by the way of day dreams.

This first of the series exhibits Joaquin propelling the primitive released “Eno” into an entirely new dimension, resulting in what Joaquin describes as a “Mind fuck” battle between himself and himself.

Where the residue cycle will lead not even Joaquin knows for sure, however if it's freakish traveling that you are looking for, then you came to the right place.

Stereo Headphones are required but are not a must.


released December 15, 2012
Video Edit by Gaspard Rojo.


all rights reserved


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