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Sacred Rhythm Music Presents: Eqwel's EP1 - 12" Vinyl Release.

by Eqwel

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The Story:

Radiational energy continues onward to Eqwel’s EP.

1: The glimmer of something radiating through a small window shows the sign of hope in one’s belief. To absorb a stream of enlightenment is Eqwel’s mission in this dimension. Electronic music seems to be ruled by copious amounts of mediocrity or even worse. As sad as this feels, there is always hope for something more then just a beat. More technique and knowledge is necessary to push the boundaries of electronic music.

2: We’ll all run into obstacles as you move vertically through the path of innovation. At times it might feel as if a massive concrete block stands before you. Do you try to push it away with brute force and take the risk of hurting yourself in the process? How about a different tactic? How about going around the object and taking the path less traveled. This journey will take longer then expected, but will always be more fulfilling.

3: The necessary behavior that comes along with this journey is to roll with what life throws at you. Accept the fact that this path needs to have a symbiotic relationship with your physical life. The is the organic drama that comes along with the need to create deeper art.

4: When you reach the point of no return and some type of stability has been pegged in the foundation, that’s when you’ll see the first drops of dew. The sweat of many years that glistens like a droplet on the side of a cold drink, is when you realize you need to reset!

Staring at a blank canvas now………..processing………..until the next correspondence.

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released May 22, 2017

CAT# EQ.EP1.12

All Original Tracks from Eqwel.
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Eqwel
All Artwork by Eqwel

EqwelMusic ASCAP
EqwelPublishing ASCAP


all rights reserved