Jephté Guillaume and Diephuis - A Journey To Rotterdam - 12" Vinyl

from Sacred Rhythm Music

Released 18 May 2013

Produced Mixed & Arranged by Jephté Guillaume for Tet Kale Productions Inc. and Barend Jan Beljaars AKA Diephuis
Published by Jephté Guillaume's Music BMI, WeAdoreMusic ASCAP
Cutting Edge Music Partner of Cloud 9 Music
Record & Mixed at Diephuis Music Studio, Rotterdam in the Netherlands & Tet Kale Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Jephté Guillaume: Vocals, Bass, String Parts, Acoustic Guitar, AfroCuban Drums, Haitian Drums, Strings Hits, Miscellaneous Percussion, Sequencing,
Barend Jan Beljaars: Strings Pads, Sequencing Jacob Smit Trumpet
Executive Producer Joaquin Joe Claussell
Photo by Jos Kottmann

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